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Check back here for announcements about weather, cancellations, and open classes.

If lightening or thunder is in the area lessons will be cancelled. If that happens I will delete the times the following day so you may go in and reschedule another lesson.


With great regret, I will no longer be teaching swimming lessons. I have greatly enjoyed meeting all the families of the children and embraced the friendships made. There are some great swimmers out there.


General Information

  • Pool Location (in town): 1411 N 4th St
  • Pool Location (my house): 38648 128th Street - 3 miles N of Aberdeen
  • Class Sizes: 6 Students beginning at age 6.
  • A Restroom/Changing Room
  • Cost $50/Student for 8 (45 min) Classes


  • Lessons will be scheduled Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays 5-8pm (children) and 8-9pm (adults).
  • If you happen to take some pictures of your child during lessons, feel free to email them to Lisa so we may add them to our photo gallery.

Current Weather Conditions